“Teaching is performed in generosity; learning is accomplished in joy.” -Louise Cowan, PhD

Aurelia Ann VonTress

About Commonplace Books

Commonplace books are a tradition dating back to Ancient Rome (really, to Ancient Greece). A commonplace book is a book where your store quotes, ideas, and tidbits in order to save them for later. This tradition originated because even literate people in the ancient world often could not afford to buy their own books and when they wanted to save something to use again later, they would need to write it down. 

As a writer, I find it especially helpful to have collections of quotes and excerpts from books I have loved in a common place for inspiration. 

Articles about Commonplace Books

Rather than writing my own article, I recommend these articles for more information about commonplace books and how to keep them. 

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My Commonplace Book

While I keep my commonplace book on notecards and in various notebooks (not very common-placed, I know, but i'm a notebook junkie), here are some samples from my commonplace book.