“Teaching is performed in generosity; learning is accomplished in joy.” -Louise Cowan, PhD

Aurelia Ann VonTress

Teaching Experience

University of North Texas, Denton, Texas 
    Teaching Fellow (2014-present)

College Writing II: Writing With, For, and Alongside the Other: Doing the Work of Writing in Conversations on Race (Fall 2017)
American Literature II: Patriotic Dystopias: Supporting and Subverting the National Narrative through Science, Utopian, and Dystopian Fiction (Fall 2017)
American Literature I: Exploring the Origins of Our National Story (Summer 2017)
World Literature II: Stepping Over: Narratives of Women Crossing Boundaries and Speaking Out (Spring 2017)
College Writing I:Who We are and From Where We Speak: The Impact of Identity on our Engagement with Knowledge (Spring 2017)
World Literature I: How the Myths of the Past Shape Our Stories Today (Fall 2016)
College Writing I: An Insider’s Guide to Describing Arguments (Fall 2016)
College Writing I: Describing, Identifying, and Synthesizing Arguments (Summer 2016)
College Writing II: Arguments in Environmental and Science Writing (Spring 2016, 2 sections)
College Writing II: The Role of Argument in Culture (Fall 2015, 2 sections)
College Writing I: Transforming the World Through Telling Our Story (Spring 2015, 2 sections)
College Writing I: Ancient Rhetoric and Contemporary Argument (Fall 2014, 2 sections)